Bringing Simplicity Back with Japandi Design

When it comes to home decoration, the rise of IKEA has also lead to the popularity of classic and simple design concepts that come from Scandinavia. If you pay attention to interior design trends, the Japanese have a pretty classic and simple style as well. What happens when you combine these minimalist designs together? You get Japandi – a design trend that seems to be growing in popularity right now.

What are the elements of Japandi design?

Neutral Colors

When it comes to Japandi style, you’ll find a lot of neutral and muted colors. The aim is to create a calm and peaceful space that is also functionally. If a bright or bold color is used, it’s done with intention in a subtle way to enhance the feel of the area without being overpowering. 


The Japanese have an interest in sustainability that goes back to ancient times. Shinto is a Japanese religion that believes that everything embodies a spirit, even objects such as furnishings. This belief system has inspired generations of Japanese to find ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in all that they do. If an eco-friendly space with a calm aesthetic appeal to you, Japandi is the way to go. 

The Marriage of Styles

How do the two cultures come together in Japandi design? The Scandinavians are big believers in a concept called hygge. Hygge, boiled down to its basics, is an emphasis in winter towards cozy comfort. Scandinavian designs lean towards homey, cozy spaces that make you want to live in them.

The Japanese have a concept called “wabi-sabi” which is a focus on noticing beauty even in imperfections. Instead of tossing out a broken pot, they might use gold to seal it back together – making the piece more beautiful than before.

Meld these two philosophies together and you get the classic, comfortable simplicity that Japandi is known for today. They so beautifully complement each other that it’s no wonder that it’s a current interior design trend.



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