Celebrating Halloween During a Pandemic

For some of us, our fondest childhood memories of autumn have always been the memories of trick-or-treating and celebrating Halloween. And as parents, we want to share those experiences with our children so that they can form great memories as well.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine have pretty much destroyed some of those opportunities this year. But parents shouldn’t just throw in the towel and cancel Halloween just yet. Instead, you should plan for some pandemic-friendly activities for your little ones this fall.

Try some of these great Halloween activities with your family:

  1. Go Trick-or-Treating (From a Distance) — First, Halloween and trick-or-treating may not be safe in all areas, particularly where COVID has flared up heavily. However, you may be able to have a “socially distanced” trick-or-treat experience by wearing surgical masks with your Halloween costume and going to neighbors who are leaving the treats out on the lawn in separate packs for the kids to pick up. Also, be sure to include lots of hand sanitizer to use in between homes.


  1. Have a Zoom Costume Contest — If you are stuck at home and have lots of friends and family that you miss, one way to get in touch on Halloween is with Zoom. You can have an online party with all of your friends and their children and have the kids model their Halloween costumes for the adults. You can also get others to be impartial judges and pick the best or scariest costumes. During your modeling, be sure to throw on a Halloween soundtrack like “Monster Mash” or “Thriller.”


  1. Have a Scary Movie Double Feature — There are lots of streaming options out there that have plenty of scary movies you can watch no matter what age you are. For the little kids, you might want to choose a tame film like Hocus Pocus or The Addams Family. But for the older kids (or the adults when the little ones go to sleep) you can try classic horror films like Night of the Living Dead or Friday the 13th.


  1. Carve a Jack-O-Lantern — This is an activity that is always a Halloween winner but is also possible to do during quarantine. There are hundreds of different jack-o-lantern patterns available online or for purchase. Just be sure to get a good carving tool kit that can make it easier. And, for the little ones, consider getting glow-in-the-dark paint and other craft materials that you can glue onto the pumpkins without having to carve them.

This Halloween, you don’t have to let the pandemic ruin your plans to make lasting memories with your family. Instead, just do some careful planning and enjoy some of these safe activities with your friends and kids.



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