Community Gardens in the Denver Metro Area

One of the ways Denver emphasizes community is through its 190+ community gardens. Much of this is through the assistance of Denver Urban Gardens (DUG).

Denver Urban Gardens

There are over a hundred food-producing community gardens in Denver Urban Gardens, making it the largest independent network in the country. By providing space, knowledge, and resources for growers to grow their own produce, DUG strives to reduce barriers to fresh, healthy, and organic food.

Seven Community Garden Benefits

In the 1990’s, DUG’s produce cultivation caught the attention of the Colorado School of Public Health and this led to research on the wellness benefits of community gardens. Their discoveries included the following perks:

1) The creation of a vibrant and healthy city depends on accessible and regenerative green spaces.

2) Gardening is one form of ecotherapy, which emphasizes outdoor, nature-based activities for improving mental health.

3) Participating in community gardening increases one’s chances of eating the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables by 25%.

4) Mental, emotional, and physical health can be adversely affected by loneliness or isolation. Rental gardens or volunteering at community gardens are wonderful ways of meeting new people, cultivating new friendships, and getting involved in your community in a very positive, productive way. If you seek human connection and social interaction, gardening in your city can be an excellent way to do so.

5) Gardening programs pair seniors with school-aged children to help teach tried-and-true methods of gardening to the community.

6) You can save money on groceries by growing your own herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

7) The generous donation of produce by area gardeners contributes to community spirit by enriching friends, families, and food assistance centers each year.

Denver Community Gardens

Looking for a DUG community garden near you? Check out this list to find gardens in your area.

If you can’t find one near you, check into starting a community garden in Denver here.

Positive health effects and community involvement can be brought about by social ties in a community. The creation of community gardens creates social ties and fosters a sense of belonging to the community.


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