Denver Parks to Visit Before Winter Hits

As summer starts to fade into fall, many of us in Colorado are already thinking about battening down the hatches to stay warm and cozy this winter. Part of that is trying to enjoy the natural beauty of the region before it gets too cold to venture outside. Another big part is enjoying the outdoors before we have to deal with a few months of cabin fever.

Here, then, is a rundown of the top parks in Denver for you and your family to check out before the winter hits:


  1. Alamo Placita Park — This park is maintained by the team at the Denver Parks and Recreation bureau and their hard work shows clearly in the beautifully landscaped terrain. If you can make it before October, you will enjoy beautiful gardens that are regularly cared for and will be a great location for a picnic or just a stroll amongst the flowers.


  1. Barnum Park — This park is named for former Denver resident and world-famous circus owner Phineas T. Barnum. Although Barnum originally planned to keep some of his circus animals here during winter months, that plan never worked out and the property is now a public park with a hilltop view of the Denver skyline. You can also enjoy spending time walking through trails, along the reservoir, or playing with your pooch at the park’s designated dog area.


  1. Confluence Park — The word “confluence” means the place where two bodies of water come together and that’s exactly what happens at this intersection of the South Platte River with Cherry Creek. You can enjoy a baseball or soccer game, walk with your dog, or bike around the creek. While the weather still holds up, this is also a great place to rent a kayak for a day on the water.


  1. Sloan’s Lake Park — While this is a really great choice for outdoor activities in the summer, you can still enjoy the park in the fall. This is one of those great places to get in the car, roll down the windows (or put the top down) and go for a leisurely drive around the lake to enjoy the view of the area.


  1. Denver Botanic Gardens — Here’s another great choice if you want someplace with beautiful flowers and other foliage. It’s not just great for a picnic or a stroll, but also boasts a bistro that provides takeout. Although entrance to the park is limited thanks to COVID-19, you can still get access by reserving a ticket to this natural beauty.


Denver is known for its beautiful outdoor vistas throughout the year. But those of us who are locals know that it may not be practical to venture out too much in the wintertime. With that said, these are the best locations to check out before the snow falls.


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