Hosting a Christmas Brunch for Your Family

Having a Christmas brunch after opening all the presents on Christmas morning will keep the fun going.

Compared to hosting Christmas dinner, it’s a lot less work and pressure. However, it can also be a fun and memorable holiday tradition for the whole family.

A brunch tends to be more relaxed, chill, and relaxed than dinner parties or cocktail hours. The holiday brunch can be a great opportunity for you and your family to slow down and savor your time together.

In particular, brunch menus can be prepared the night before or the morning of so you are not rushed when your guests arrive.

Menu Planning

You have a lot of options when it comes to brunch. It’ll be easy to make a menu that everyone will love, whether it’s sweet or savory, hot or cold, baked or fried.

This holiday season, plan a brunch menu that will make your life as easy as possible. Ideally one that will allow you to execute flawlessly despite all the distractions that accompany the season.

You should provide options for your guests if they have any dietary restrictions. Food groups should be represented in the menu, including fruits, veggies, proteins, and carbohydrates. Don’t make all your dishes sweet or savory. Regardless of how many dishes you plan on serving, make sure to mix up the flavors to keep your guests interested. Kids will appreciate scrambled eggs, muffins, and oatmeal, if you have little ones attending.

Set the Mood

It may be a good idea to include place cards at each seat, depending on what your style is. Set the holiday theme with a simple centerpiece of flowers. The background can be filled with soft Christmas music for a festive atmosphere.

Fun Options

For many, a meal shared together is more than enough. But if you want to make your holiday brunch more memorable, here are some fun add-ons.

Ornament Exchange

In a holiday ornament exchange, holiday ornaments are exchanged among a group of people. To make it more interesting, add an ornament theme.

White Elephant Exchange

White elephant gift exchanges are party games that involve exchanging funny and impractical gifts. You can find official rules online.

Drink Bar

The holidays are a great time to try out a new, festive drink. Nothing says “Christmas brunch” like offering guests a festive cocktail, coffee bar, or juice options to encourage a relaxed holiday meal.

You can make your party more budget-friendly by hosting a holiday brunch. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been a brunch person, hosting this meal with family and friends is a great way to spend time together.


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