Hosting Your Own Outdoor Movie Night

Summer has always been when the best blockbuster movie hits would come to a theater near you. Escape the heat and watch superheroes or villains on screen, what else could be better, right?  Especially when you’re looking for activities to do with your family.

This summer, everything is just a bit different. Seeing movies in a theater is no exception. But what’s the next best thing? Seeing a movie in your own backyard!

This is a great way to enjoy the weather and get out of the house. It’s a fun activity for the family to enjoy and if you’re careful about social distancing, you could invite a friend or two over.

So, what is needed to have a backyard movie night? Here are a few things to consider:

Equipment – You will need special equipment to accomplish a fun night out watching movies. First, you’ll want a projector. These come in a variety of quality and prices with the cheapest being around $100.

Next, you’ll need a screen to show the movie on. You can find different types just for this purpose online. Some are inflatable while others have poles to put together similar to a tent. These range in price as well with the cheapest being about $100. Depending on your backyard arrangement, you might get away with a sheet draped over a wall or the fencing or use the wall/fencing itself.

You’ll want to be able to hear the movie and that means you need speakers. You can find a variety of loud outdoor speakers online. Some are even waterproof. Prices range from over $100 to much more than that.

Comfort Items – Since this is your home and you want to enjoy it comfortably, you want to think about what you have on hand to help minimize cost. You can use towels or beach/lawn blankets for sitting on the lawn. If getting up and down from the ground is not your style, you could consider an outdoor lounger or use an existing camping chair.

It’s not the movies without popcorn and something fun to drink. So you may want to stock up on popcorn and popcorn boxes as well as your favorite soda or fruit drink. Having a cooler outside with ice will keep you from having to keep going inside to refill empty cups.

Summer Movie Fun at Home Is Possible

Having a fun time with your family is possible this summer. You’ll always remember watching movies with your kids making memories together.


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