Letting Go of Stress

Want to be a healthier you this year? It’s time to talk about that stress monster that follows you around every day. While some amount of stress can be good for us, too many people are experiencing harmful amounts of stress every day. Here are some methods you can try to de-stress this year and get into a healthier mental and physical place.

Take a Break

In our over-active work culture, Americans avoid taking breaks or resting because there is such a huge emphasis on productivity and goal-setting. However, your body and brain aren’t made to go 24/7 and they’d like you to know that taking a break is not only okay but necessary to manage your stress levels. If simply relaxing doesn’t feel efficient enough for you – use the downtime to drink more water, move your body, stretch, or connect with people that calm you down. These activities will help temper the need to get things done while still giving your body a break.


Sometimes we cause ourselves additional stress because we aren’t certain where to channel or funnel that energy. Many people find that writing down their concerns, fears, and frustrations to be a liberating outlet for what is stressing them out. Often, putting it down on paper gives people the release they need to let go and move on. Or it could help you focus your thoughts and shift from feeling to taking action by helping you come up with up possible solution or approach to your problem.

Get Outside

Fresh air and exercise are not only good for stress, but it’s good for your body as well. There’s something about embracing the outdoors that calms down our senses and our overactive brain. Whether it’s sitting on the porch, going for a walk, or just digging your feet into the dirt – give nature a chance to relax and calm you.

Learn to Let Go

A lot of the physical impact of stress happens because we hold onto what’s making us stress out in our body. We become tense and anxious and these responses make our brain and body respond in the same way they would to a virus, infection, or injury. Our brain will release chemicals to combat the stress and our body goes into defensive mode. It’s bad enough that we have something bothering us, but the physical response just makes everything worst.

What can you do about it? Practice letting go. Get quiet, relax, release the tension in your body and breathe out the stress. Let it go. Practice being mindful and present in your body without focusing on what’s bothering you. Just be. Focus on your breath, your senses, your surroundings instead. The more you practice this technique, the better you’ll get – and your body will thank you for it.


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