Prepping Your Lawn for Winter

Winter is approaching and your lawn is ready for the changing of the seasons. Your water bill is going down for a few months, but your grass will thank you for taking extra good care of it before the cold blows in.

When it comes to winterizing your lawn, there are several projects you can tackle while the sun is still gracing us with its presence (and before the wind gets uncomfortable).

Falling Leaves

There is some debate over whether you truly need to remove all those beautiful, fallen leaves from your yard. Is a blanket of leaves good for your grass or harmful? While it is true that leaves do provide food for the grass, too much of a good thing can be smothering. You’ll want to make a point to rake or blow those leaves out of your space before the first snow happens. 


While you are shutting the sprinkler system off for the rest of the year, remember to aerate your lawn as well. Whether you make this a DIY project or you call in an expert, aeration allows for air and other nutrients to dig deep into the soil, helping the dirt stay hearty and healthy during the winter. 

Shorter is Better

It may be tempting to leave your lawn there to die it’s annual death but it’s a good idea to keep the grass short and trim to avoid becoming a habitat for unwanted pests and animals. Taller grass makes for an inviting prospect for mice and other animals looking for a warm home for the season. Even though it’s chilly outside, pull out that lawnmower and ensure your grass is nice and tidy.

Spring Prep

There are a few ways to jumpstart your lawn’s ability to bounce back in the spring. One is to cover your grass, especially any garden areas, with some aged compost. The nutrients in the compost will keep the soil going through the cold. If you use the right fertilizer and use your spreader to do a round of grass seed, these activities also boost your lawn’s chance of surviving (and thriving) until spring. 

There is no need to envy your neighbor’s property as long as you put in a little winterization time before the frost arrives. These tips will help you keep a happy and healthy yard all year long.


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