Self Care for the Whole Family

We all know that self-care is important for our physical and mental health and that moms should be doing a lot more of it. Sometimes, it’s difficult to take that time for ourselves.

While most self-care activities are geared towards moms, learning to care for yourself is important for everyone. To assist you in your self-care efforts, invite the whole family to enjoy these activities together. This investment of time and energy will pay off in spades as you are not only starting your own self-care practice but encouraging your loved ones to participate as well.

Take a Hot Beverage Break

Whether is a cup of coffee, herbal tea, hot apple cider, or mug of cocoa, taking time to sip and enjoy a hot beverage together is an easy way to take a time-out for you and the rest of the crew. If the family has a tough time just sitting together and enjoying the quiet, grab a deck of cards and play a couple of quick rounds of a family card game to pass the time together.

Start a Gratitude Practice

There are many ways to practice gratitude and this is a great way to involve the whole family in something that will improve their lives immensely. Did you know that science has proven that a regular gratitude practice improves health, enhances empathy, enables better sleep and self-esteem, and increases mental resilience? Whether it’s making a list of 3 things you are grateful for each day, getting everyone a gratitude journal, or encouraging everyone to express gratitude to others on a regular basis – the whole family will be better for it.

Create Your Own Spa Day

While it’s nice to go to a spa and be pampered, pampering can occur at home too! Gather up the family and do some facials or break out the foot spas (good for the whole family)! Learn to mix your own bath salts at home for crafty families or hand out some fun bubble bath or bath bombs for people to enjoy.

Family Movie Night

If you are familiar with the Danish winter tradition of hygge, you’ll know that part of making it through this dark season is making time for cozy comfort. Grab a few blankets, a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy a family movie together. This is a great way to unwind, make memories, and enjoy each other’s company. This type of activity is great for all ages.

Whatever new activity or habit you implement to encourage self-care for your family, you’ll be promoting better wellness by reducing stress, improving mental health by prioritizing rest, and you’ll be making memories with the people that matter most.


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