Stress Relief Techniques for Moms

Anybody who says that being a full-time mom isn’t stressful is just kidding themselves. Motherhood, be it the stay-at-home or working variety, is one of the roughest and toughest occupations out there.

The demands of being a mom are also aggravated by the unbelievable stress and anxiety that comes with the responsibility. After all, no one wants to be a bad mom and you want to make sure that everything you do is helping to make your child a better person.

But just when you think you want to snap if you have to listen to “Baby Shark” one more time, take a deep breath and realize there are a few ways to relieve the stress and anxiety:

  1. Stay Organized — This stress relief technique is pro-active. You’re less likely to get stressed out if you stay organized and on top of things. By keeping a schedule, you don’t have to worry about rushing from one location to another. You know exactly what is expected of you and you can plan accordingly. This also means that you need to set limits on yourself and your children. You know there are only 24 hours in a day so you shouldn’t try to over-schedule your time.
  2. Meditate — This is a tried and true technique, and it really works. Spend about 10 to 15 minutes each day in quiet meditation. Just let yourself sit in a comfortable position and relax. This can be when you put the baby down for a nap or when the kids are already in bed and you have a few moments before you pass out for the night in exhaustion. Just let the problems of the world flow out of you and relax.
  3. Exercise — No, we aren’t crazy when we say this. Exercise releases endorphins in your body that can help you maintain a relaxed and happy demeanor. We aren’t saying you need to do a full cardio workout for an hour every single day. (Although there’s nothing wrong with that if you can work it in.) Just take 15 minutes during a lunch break at work to walk around the block. This will be hard at first, but with time it will help you feel better and more relaxed.
  4. Bubble Bath — Sometimes the old favorites are there for a reason. Once a week or so, take a half-hour and set it aside for yourself. Turn on some soft music, light a few aromatherapy candles, and relax in a warm bath. Throw in some bubbles or bath salts to help you relax even more. If it helps, throw in a rubber duck. Just spend that time with the door shut and locked and be at peace.

It’s hard for moms to set aside time for themselves in their busy schedule. But if you plan and organize your schedule and learn how to set limits then you will find that you can build more time into your daily life to relax and not feel overwhelmed.


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