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Creating the Perfect Master Bedroom Closet

If you are like me, you probably remember having a master bedroom closet that barely contained anything. It was one small area, maybe 3 feet wide and two feet deep, that had room for a rack of clothes and maybe a hamper or a suitcase on the bottom and a small shelf on the top.

Today, master bedroom closets have become works of art and rooms unto themselves. If you are looking to do some design work and spruce up your master bedroom closet, then here are some ideas that can get you started and thinking about what will work for you.


Before you do anything else, think about what you want in a closet—literally. What do you need to store in that closet and how do you want to display it? Space is a huge issue in homes and your closet is defined by just what you need it for. If all you want is a place to hang up your clothes, then a simple closet like I previously mentioned might actually be fine. But, if you are more interested in how you display your apparel, then a larger space is needed. This may be because you have more clothes to store, or more types of clothes that you want to organize. It may also mean that you like to display your clothes so that you can choose your clothes for the next day. The closet might also need to store items like your vacuum or personal items like private documents. This type of storage is important for some, but others may not need it. So decide what it is that you want most.


Something else that you should consider is that size isn’t always necessary for a functional master suite closet. Many home good stores sell organizing shelving and other utilities for displaying clothes in cramped spaces. Additionally, you can add something like an ottoman or a small chest at the bottom of the closet to give you more storage in that area. Finally, if you like taking your time and trying on outfits before settling on one, you can add a dressing area simply by putting a long mirror on the back of the door. Simple fixes like this are cheaper than spending thousands on a home refurbishment.

Decorating Your Closet

If you really want to spruce up your closet, consider doing a little decorating. Choose a light, airy color that will contrast nicely with the paint in your master bedroom. You can also hang some pictures on the wall just to provide a more personal touch. Another great idea would be to use wall quotes to give you inspiration as you get ready for work in the morning.

Your closet does not have to be that forgotten hole in your bedroom where you dump your clothes. It can be a functional and integral part of your living space with just a little work and creativity.


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