The Best Plants for Decorating

If you are looking for new ways to freshen up your home this year, consider adding houseplants. Struggling with home decor and interior design? Make greenery the central part of your decorating strategy. Everyone loves the look, smell, and feel of a houseplant. Plus, plants have a lot of additional benefits other than just being eye candy for you and your guests.

Physical Benefits of Houseplants

Air quality indoors, especially in winter, is always an issue. Houseplants produce extra oxygen, through the photosynthesis process, which helps reduce stress. Other health benefits to incorporating plants into your space include mood improvement, increased focus and performance, fewer headaches or side effects that coincide with poor air quality, and a boost to dry skin and respiratory problems due to dry air. 

Sizes and Placement

Selecting a variety of sizes works best for most spaces. Consider investing in some hanging pots and floor plants, as well as tabletop ones. If you have the space and creative energy, you could create a wall of hanging pots that would make a beautiful backdrop to any room.

Popular Household Plants

Here is a list of plants you could consider, and why they make great additions to a home:

  • Coffee Plant – Small, gorgeous, and easy to care for, the arabica coffee plant is a simple but great choice.
  • String of Pearls – Love the hanging pot look? The String of Pearls plant can thrive in indirect light and are a classy touch to any window.
  • Orchids – This flower is a great choice because it adds color to a room. Green is great but sometimes a splash of color is even better.
  • Succulents & Cacti – These plants are perfect for individuals that need a lower maintenance plant. They add just the right touch of green without needing too much care and attention.
  • Bird of Paradise – Got a sunny area in your home? You can’t go wrong with a pot of Bird of Paradise.
  • Yucca Cane Plant – Bright, indirect light, and this plant is right at home. A popular choice for home or office.
  • Peace Lilies – Large, leafy and apt to catch the eye, peace lilies are inviting and great indoor plants.

Get Them Delivered

Are you aware that you can get your plants delivered? Not only that, some companies offer a monthly subscription to deliver floors or plants to your home. What a convenient, easy way to invest in plants for your home. Check out The Sill for a great potted plant selection, Succulents Box for an easy entry point, or BloomsyBox for a monthly delivery of fresh flowers to add to your plant collection this year.



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