The Best Publications for Staying on Top of Denver Happenings

Many of us in the Denver area are used to cabin fever with the long winters and deep snow. But with all of the craziness in the world today, that term is being taken to a new extreme as more and more of us are stuck inside due to quarantine and stay-at-home orders related to COVID-19.

We can all look forward to the glorious day when the quarantines are lifted, and life can get back to normal (or at least as close as possible). So, while you’re waiting at home with nothing to do, check out these publications and put a bookmark on them.

These are the best publications for staying on top of what’s going on in Denver:

  • 5280 —This publication is a great independent news outlet that gives you a new and fresh take on what’s going on in the region. Right now, their coverage of COVID-19, for instance, includes the standard articles on the quarantine orders, but it also has special interest stories you might not find elsewhere.

    Check out the articles “Delicious Good Deeds” which highlights how food delivery restaurants are doing something special for those in need. Also, their coverage of the Denver Zoo during the outbreak is heartening because it highlights those cute animals and what they are up to while everyone is staying away.

  • 303 Magazine —This magazine is usually one of the go-to publications for information about dining and entertainment. But during the shutdowns, they are transitioning to different coverage including updates on food delivery systems. Also, check out “A Master List of Virtual Denver Events” for all kinds of live-streamed culinary events including cooking classes.
  • Denver Dweller —Denver Dweller encourages people to “Experience Denver Authentically” and this publication helps to do just that. Right now, they have great list articles including “7 Denver Coffee Subscriptions to Order for Your New Work-At-Home Routine” and “16 Denver Local Grocers You Can Still Shop (And They’re Stocked!).” These highlight the magazine’s devotion to highlighting local businesses and artisans.
  • Eater Denver —As the name implies, this is a publication devoted to the best in food in Denver. Restaurants may be shut down for now, but Eater Denver is still helping to connect you with great local restaurants and cafes which are currently offering delivery options. They also have great articles on the state of the restaurant business and dining in general.
  • Colorado Homes and Lifestyle —This publication is a great way to stay on top of design and decorating tips for your home. Since most of us are currently locked down with no place to go, it’s a good source for ideas for your home that can hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean there aren’t things going on in Denver. From food delivery to virtual gatherings to behind-the-scenes updates on the COVID-19 fight, these publications can give you the needed update on what’s happening in your neighborhood and beyond.


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