The Most Attractive Paint Colors for Home Buyers

The Most Attractive Paint Colors for Home Buyers

When it comes time to sell your home you’ll want to woo potential homebuyers with a living space that is both functional and appealing. Paint can be an affordable, and effective, way of impressing people. 

Unfortunately, it can also be a powerful tool for dissuading folks as well. Bright, in your face, colors or a home that is inconsistent – having pastels in one area but dark shades in another – can actually hurt your house’s chances when it comes to getting those desired offers.

If you are looking to sell your home, here’s what we recommend for paint colors:




You really can’t go wrong with a great white paint and some accent colors. White gives new homeowners a blank slate so they can create whatever they like but it is also so neutral that it doesn’t distract or deter potential buyers from considering the purchase. 



Off-whites, soft creams, tans, or beiges are also fairly neutral and while they won’t achieve a WOW factor these colors won’t repel people either. Instead of having the walls of the home jump out at you, these colors blend in (and blend together) seamlessly, from room to room, allowing potential buyers to pay more attention to the space instead of the walls.



A bit darker and more dramatic, gray is still a solid neutral option for most areas of your home. A white wall with darker, warm gray accents has a cozy and welcoming feel. Most homeowners don’t think about gray because it is a ‘boring’ hue, but you want something mild, appealing, and not distracting. 


Light Shades

If you really believe a pop of color will do the trick, stick to light shades of primary colors. A soft yellow can have a similar effect as tan, beige, or cream but with a little happy effect. Bathrooms work well with a soft or light blue shade. 


Basically, you’ll want the paint in your home to be as neutral as possible. When it comes to color, the home decor accents are the way to go to make a solid impression. That way if a homebuyer detests the color you love, they know it’ll be an easy change and they can visualize themselves as the proud new owner of your abode. 


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