Time to Upgrade Your Front Door?

We all know that first impressions are important and often very hard to shake off. So, if you want your home to give a great first impression, you need to start with some of the first things you notice.

For many homes, that’s the front door itself. Unfortunately, when it comes to sprucing up the house, your front door often doesn’t get that much love or attention. The good news is that an upgrade to your front door can be an easy project that you can complete in a weekend.

Ideas to give you inspiration for upgrading your front door:

  • New Door/New Material — Many homes are still featuring the basic front door that came with the original house. Over time, this can become dingy, cracked, and even warped. So, if you start with a new door, you might also want to start with a new material. If you choose an old standby such as wood, the possibilities are endless from the type of wood, the amount of glass/windows set into the wood, and color. If you want something more durable, steel or fiberglass are also great options for a new door.
  • Change the Color — If you don’t want to buy a brand-new door, you can give it an upgrade by simply painting or staining the old door to make it look fresh. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors that will really make the door stand out from the rest of the house and call attention to itself.
  • Go High-Tech — Another great option for door upgrades is to go high-tech and add digital components. For years, keyless entry/keypads have been a popular choice for homeowners. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting locked out; you can simply enter the correct keypad code and unlock your door. Some of these locks are also moving towards voice recognition and will open up at a word (but only when it is a recognized user at the door). If you want extra security for your entryway and porch, you can consider the new doorbell options from companies such as Ring. These connect to your tablet or other device so if someone rings the doorbell, you can get a video feed of them, even if you aren’t at home. These can also be set to record while you are gone so you can catch any porch bandits stealing packages that are dropped off.

Your front door probably hasn’t been changed or updated in years. And if that is the case, then chances are it’s starting to show. Simple upgrades or even digital ones can really add to your curb appeal and make your home nicer looking and safer.


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