Tips for Jumping into the Spring Homebuying Season

If you know anything about the home real estate market, then you know that spring is the biggest season for home buying. Buyers have been cooped up in their old homes all winter and are looking to move while sellers have had the same time frame to get their homes ready for sale.

But, if you’re looking to get into the homebuying market, then there are a few tips you should take care of before you start shopping.

  1. Make a list—Before you talk with a real estate agent, you should write out all of the must-haves that you want in a house. How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need? Is there a specific location that you want? All of these will help narrow down the agent’s search so you don’t waste your time looking at houses that won’t work for you.
  2. Get your credit in line—A good FICO credit score is essential to buying a home. Let’s just say, hypothetically, you are buying a $300,000 home. A mortgage at 4.14% will run you a total of about $520,000. But if your credit is bad and your interest rate comes out to 5.73%, that same home will cost you about $630,000. That means that bad credit will make the same home cost you over $100,000 more than it would if you had good credit.
  3. Save as much as you can—One of the biggest problems with buying a home is that you have to keep a lot of cash on hand for down payments and emergencies. The more you put down, the better your interest rate and monthly payments will be. But you should also have at least 1-2 months of income set into savings for a potential emergency, such as a major home repair.
  4. Get preapproved—Because Spring is such a huge time for buying a home, you are going to be competing with a lot of other buyers that will be looking at the same prime properties. To make yourself look better to the sellers, you should arrive with a pre-approval from a local lender. These will generally carry more weight than a pre-approved loan from an online lender. You need to do everything that you can to make yourself look appealing to the seller.
  5. Be ready to negotiate—It isn’t enough to just make an offer, cross your fingers, and pray. In a competitive market, you will probably have to pay list price and not be able to haggle down on the price. But, you can still negotiate other areas like extended home warranties and closing costs. This can save you some money without asking too much that might wind up killing the deal.

This spring, thousands of homes, both old and new, will be placed on the market. If you want to jump into this “selling frenzy” then you need to get your finances in order and be ready to negotiate in order to be successful.



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