Top 10 Home Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter is here and in some parts of the country the snow and ice have hit with a vengeance. Your home is taking the brunt of this assault in protecting you from the cold and elements.

In any climate, your house needs attentive maintenance; paying attention to those little issues and repairs will save you a lot of hassle and costly repairs later.

Here are the Top 10 winter maintenance tips for your home that you need to handle this season:

  1. Clean the gutters—Even if you don’t live somewhere with a lot of snow, you are still probably going to get increased rain this winter. Be sure to clean out your gutters early on so that the water does not get backed up and cause structural damage.
  2. Inspect the roof—While you are checking the gutters, also give the roof a good inspection. Look for any loose or missing roof tiles or shingles that could cause leaks during winter storms.
  3. Seal your doors and windows—If you want to save money on heating costs, be sure to apply/replace weather-stripping and sealant around all your doors and windows. This will help keep the cold air out and the hot air in.
  4. Check your pipes—The cold can bring on burst pipes, so this winter make sure to check all your pipes and wrap them with insulating tape. This will keep you from having to make costly plumbing repairs later.
  5. Prepare a winter emergency kit—You never know when bad weather will strike. Make sure that you have an emergency kit including candles and matches in case of a power failure. Also have a battery-powered radio, a supply of canned foods (and a manual can opener), and plenty of bottled water.
  6. Check the portable generator—If you own a portable generator, then you know that it can be a lifesaver during winter storms. Be sure to start it up and make sure that it is running smoothly and make any repairs that you may need. You don’t want to try to crank it up when a storm hits only to find out it’s not working.
  7. Trim your tree limbs—Winter storms can also bring external damage from falling trees and tree limbs. Walk through your property and clear out any limbs that are too close to the house or cars. Also, if you have older trees that may snap easily, you should consider having these removed before the storms take them out – and your house with them.
  8. Clean the chimney—If you have a fireplace, make sure that it is professionally cleaned to remove built-up soot and residue. This can be particularly dangerous to you and your family.
  9. Replace the smoke detectors’ batteries—About every three months, you should check your smoke detectors and replace the batteries so that they’re working properly.
  10. Reverse your fans—If you have a house with high ceilings, flip the directional switch on your ceiling fans. This will help to push warm air down and keep you warmer this winter.

If you take care of your house, then it will take good care of you. Be sure to complete these maintenance tasks early so that you don’t have to make major repairs later this winter.


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