What Makes a Good Neighborhood?

You are not just buying or renting a home – you are also becoming a part of the neighborhood when you move.

The perfect neighborhood does not exist; everyone has different needs and desires.

Great neighborhoods, however, share certain characteristics. You’ll want to match a prospective neighborhood’s best features with your daily needs and wants.

What are some signs that you’ve found a good neighborhood?

Upkeep & Maintenance

A good neighborhood is defined by its residents’ desire to see it grow and develop into something special. As a result, homeowners are proud of their homes and take pride in them. The homeowners in the area are passionate about their communities, and they want to contribute to their improvement. Look for signs that the area is well-kept and cared for.

Opportunities to Socialize

Good neighborhoods also provide plenty of recreational opportunities. Physical activity, social interaction, and mental health are all benefits of outdoor activities. Available spaces to socialize and connect, both indoor and outdoor, can make an amazing communal experience for residents.

Breathing Room

According to studies, those who have more green space nearby are more likely to have a better mental health, while those without green space nearby are 55% more likely to experience mental health issues. Natural beauty is good for your health, and it is a good thing to have it near your home. Plus, no one really wants to live on top of their neighbors and not have privacy or stretching room.


It is only natural that you want to live in a safe neighborhood. Crime rates are an indication of how well a neighborhood is doing as a whole when they are low or decreasing. Also pay attention to traffic, lighting, and signage to get an idea of how important safety is to the people who live there.

You won’t be able to uncover all of a neighborhood’s secrets simply by driving through, or even spending time in the open spaces. However, you can pick up visual clues and even ask the locals how they feel to get a feel for what sort of area it is.


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