What to Look for in an Open House

Don’t let open houses deter you from the real reason you’re there. You are in the market to purchase a home. Open houses may look like a dream home, but don’t let that distract you.

Consider whether the house would fit you and your family before focusing solely on the neatly arranged furniture. We’ve put together a list of things you might have missed as a first-time home buyer to help.


Some things will be obvious. What’s the condition of the neighborhood? What’s the noise level? How close are you to busy streets or public transportation? It is safe for children? Does the HOA and neighborhood keep up the public spaces? Where’s the nearest school, grocery store, daycare?

Take a walk around the neighborhood before or after the open house if you feel comfortable with some of these initial impressions.


Again, look beyond the fancy furnishings and wall hangings, they don’t come with the house anyway. Are there cracks in the walls/foundation? Any visible signs of mildew? Any visible signs that the house isn’t being maintained properly? Is the air ventilation acceptable?

Ask Questions

There are some things you simply can’t know during a tour. Be sure to ask the realtor the tough questions that are important to you. How old is the home? How old are the appliances? How old is the roof? Is there an HOA? What are the HOA fees? How long has the home been on the market?

In the weeks to come, attending several open houses may cause your memories to blur over time. It may be impossible for you to remember which house had the cracked foundation after visiting a several open houses. Observe problems and take photos with your phone while you’re there. Consider documenting the issues in real time that may influence your decision if you’re deciding on which home to buy. Happy homebuying!


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