When Should You Start Your Home Remodel?

Spring has always been a popular time to go on a major cleaning spree around the house. But what if you want to do more than just have a spring cleaning? When is the best time to do a major remodel of your home or property? Well, there is actually a system that can be followed.

Let’s look at the best season for each type of remodel so that you can make your plans for the coming year.

First Quarter (January to March)—Even though it can be numbingly cold during this time of year, the good news is that unless you live in a place that gets extreme snow, you will generally have good, solid ground that is relatively dry, as opposed to the spring when the rains come in.

Because of these conditions, it’s a good time to do additions on the house, such as a new sunroom or that man cave he’s always wanted. If you are adding a new room to the house, you can get the exterior work and frame done and then move on to doing the inside when the weather gets rainy in April.

This is also a good time to schedule a remodel because most construction companies don’t do a lot of work during this time. Since this is the “off season,” you can usually get a good deal from the company that is looking for some downtime work.

Second Quarter (April to June)—The weather is getting rainy and warmer, but this is also the #1 time of the year to build a new home. Because of this, construction companies and supplies will probably cost you a lot more. If you do want to do a spring remodel, consider a porch or patio since the ground will have thawed out enough to dig out the area.

Third Quarter (July to September)—The hottest time of the year means that your remodels need to move indoors to take advantage of your home’s air conditioning. Because of this, you will do well to complete an inside renovation such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

If you do need to do something outdoors, most construction companies will focus on roofing jobs because of the relatively dry weather and the higher temperatures which are needed to properly seal roofing tiles.

Fourth Quarter (October to December)—This is the right time for smaller remodel projects, like maybe a new shower or a minor tweak in your den or kitchen. Most people don’t want to completely tear out the whole house for a major renovation during the holidays, so construction companies are used to these types of smaller jobs.

There’s a perfect time for everything—from when to buy a new car to when to plant a flower garden. Remodels are no different and once you get the standard calendar down, you can begin to map out your renovations that will make the most sense for your home and budget.



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