Working Remotely? Creating Your Home Workspace

This has been the year of working from home. For some, this is a fabulous turn of events, and for others, they can’t wait to get back to the office and share gossip around the watercooler.

If you find that you aren’t loving working from home, or perhaps you feel you’re less productive, it very likely could be due to your workspace. Home, by its very definition, is not your workplace, however, it now needs to function that way in some small way.

You can create an office vibe in your home, for not much money, and organize it to increase your productivity. Here’s how:

Plan Out Your Space – There’s a LOT you can do in your home to create a very organized, efficient workspace so you need to identify what’s important for you and what you need to do. If you previously worked in an office, you can begin by listing items you had there. What did you need and what was not necessary?

Next, what would you LIKE to have in your office? You can make it very warm and intimate since it’s your house. Or, if you feel like the rest of your home functions as the warm and inviting atmosphere and you want your work area to be all about getting things done, you can try a minimalist approach. Whatever you choose, write it out ahead of time.

Look at Your Workspace from the View of Your Webcam – Most everyone who works from home needs to have video calls and conferences from time to time. As you set up your workplace, keep in mind the backdrop.

Create a Space You Love but Declutter – This is your place to work and no one can tell you exactly how to create it. You have creative license here. That said, you will want to declutter the areas around your workstation. If every time you log into your emails you look over and see piles of mail that need to be dealt with or tons of books you intend you read but don’t have a place for, you will feel as though you are behind before you even begin.

Organize and File – This will be so important. You may be tempted to just lay something aside and come back to it later, but these are the thoughts of those who end up on the show HOARDERS. I’m only slightly kidding. Seriously, if you want to be more productive and to keep your mood high during the whole workday, being able to find things right away while not staring at clutter will ensure better days and well-rested nights.

These are the big steps to take to make a workspace you’ll love in your home. In no time, you’ll be more productive and look forward to “going to work” each day!


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