A Guide for Great Coffee Shops in Denver

Fall is here and many of us are relishing the cooler temperatures so we can enjoy the local coffee shops with a warm cup of java. But it’s not enough to have a good house coffee. A great coffee shop also has to have that quirky ambiance, friendly baristas, and unusual specialty drinks that make each one unique.

We’d like to share some of our favorite coffee shops in the Denver area where you can be sure to get a great cup of coffee—and yes, that includes pumpkin spice lattes. (While there are some restrictions in place thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, many of these are still open with mask requirements and social distancing.)

Here’s a list of great coffee shops in Denver you don’t want to miss:

  • Queen City Denver Collective – You’ve probably heard a lot about the whole concept of “farm-to-table.” But have you heard about “farm-to-cup?” Queen City Denver Collective has been around for over a decade as the owners worked in Zimbabwe on humanitarian projects. The café is dedicated to bringing in beans directly from the farmers and roasting them in-house to give you the freshest brews possible. Also, be sure to check out the Dark Star, a nitro cold brew that is mixed with Mexican Coke.
  • Steam Espresso Bar – If you are a fan of microbrew beers, then you might want to try the Steam Espresso Bar, a location that has been open since 2013. Steam only buys their coffee from micro-roasters and are committed to sustainable coffee brewing methods and environmental consciousness. If you don’t believe us, check out the experts—Steam has been named as one of the top 10 coffee bars in Denver by Zagats.
  • Huckleberry Roasters – Another globally responsible coffee bar is Huckleberry Roasters, which boasts two locations in the Denver area and is also selling its roast blends online. But if you can make it there in person, check out the Adventurous Coffee Flight which lets you sample several different types so you can find a new favorite.
  • Black Eye Coffee – This location may have started as a speakeasy during Prohibition, but it now houses some of the best coffee in the area. Black Eye brings in a variety of local roasters (including Huckleberry Roasters) and even features a bottomless cup for $4. But, that’s not where the appeal ends. On warm days, they open up the garage door at the entrance and let the fresh air in and also serve beer, wine, bottomless mimosas, and great snacks and sandwiches including a chorizo burrito.

For many of us, a good cup of coffee isn’t just about kicking off your morning with a burst of caffeine. It’s about enjoying the atmosphere and local flavor of independently owned and sourced coffee shops. That’s why you should definitely check out these four coffee shops in the Denver area.


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