Month: February 2019

Why Moms Love Living in Denver

Denver is a popular city that’s been growing steadily for about a decade. Ask any Denver mom, and they’re guaranteed to tell you it’s a great city for fun family activities, indoors or out.

But Denver’s also a great place for spoiling yourself and spending some “me time” to rejuvenate the body and spirit.  Here are some of the best spots in Denver for moms who need a little self-care this month:

  1. 5 Star Salt Caves — If you want a day spa experience unlike any other, then check out this man-made “salt” cave. The entire center surrounds the cave, which is made of Himalayan salt. Here, you can relax in a quiet environment and breathe in the salt-infused air – which is said to improve sinuses and breathing. In addition to salt therapy, the spa also features other traditional therapies such as saunas, massages, and footbaths.
  2. Upstairs Circus – Although this is better enjoyed with friends, it’s also a place you can come on your own to relax and get crafty. You can pay one fee for a variety of daily craft options and then design and craft all kinds of things including homemade jewelry and paintings as well as projects for the house such as key racks and serving trays.
  3. Movie Night – You don’t have to go see the latest blockbuster or yet another Disney cartoon. The Alamo Drafthouse in Littleton features special presentations of older movies in an unusual setting. One of their regular Signature Series features is an older, elegant movie such as Little Women or Sense & Sensibility, and you can skip the popcorn and enjoy high tea and biscuits or finger sandwiches. Or get the girls together for a night out dancing at the movies. Recent Dance Party nights have featured Brittney Spears and the Backstreet Boys for some flashback hits.
  4. BookBar – If you prefer a small, independent bookstore with real books rather than those big box stores or eBook readers, then you should check out this combination bookstore and wine bar. You can listen to a poetry reading, meet an author and get an autograph, or pick up a new book and curl up with a nice glass of wine.

Denver is a great city to explore and relax in. But for moms especially, it is filled with activities and opportunities that provide a break from the kids.




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Getting the Most Out of Your Local Library (Library Lovers’ Month)

February is designated as Library Lovers’ Month to encourage people to visit and support their local public and school libraries. Too often, it seems, people think of a library as one thing — a repository for books. But there’s a lot more happening at your local library than you may know about!

Let’s take a look at some of those materials and activities you can take advantage of this month (and for the rest of the year).

  • Go Digital—If you’re a book-lover, then obviously a library seems like heaven on Earth. But even the best library can’t house everything. That’s why many libraries are now offering digital book services such as Overdrive for your tablets and e-readers, including the iPad, Kindle, and Nook. These services allow you to download eBooks, audiobooks, and even graphic novels and videos straight to your mobile device so that you can read them at home or on the go.
  • Ditch the Paid Online Services—Another service offered by most libraries is a great array of audio-visual materials. Are you tired of what’s on Netflix or Hulu? Then check out the library and browse its selection of DVDs. Along with the standard blockbusters, there’s usually some obscure foreign films as well as many classics. Are you getting tired of paying for Spotify or Audible? Libraries also offer audiobooks as well as CDs or albums that you can check out and take home.
  • Get Social—Many people think of the library as a place where you can’t talk or, if you do, not above a whisper. But the library is actually a great place to become socially active. Most libraries offer different kinds of social gatherings, including story time for kids (also known as break-time for moms) as well as other events such as film screenings and more. They may even have meeting rooms available for rent if you need one for your business or social group.
  • Get Financial Assistance—The library can also save you money! How, you ask? Well first, they offer tax information for free and allow you to print out tax forms and complete them at the library. Many libraries also offer free tax returns for Senior Citizens and for those who need assistance with the EZ forms. Libraries can also help you earn money by holding programs such as job fairs and career counseling.

If you aren’t sure what programs are available at your library, then take a visit today. Talk to a librarian! They aren’t the stodgy “No Talking!” stereotypes of old. Much more often, librarians are happy to help you learn more about their programs and offerings.

Great Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It may be a Valentine’s Day cliché, but I’m guessing there aren’t many of us ladies who don’t love an entire holiday built around chocolate and roses, right? But the holiday can also create a bit of stress, especially on guys, to make sure they get all the “details” right.

We all know about the overpriced candlelight dinners that are supposed to be the epitome of romance. But that isn’t the only type of Valentine’s Day date that you can have. Here are some options that can be just as romantic and fun as anything else you may have done before:

  • Couple’s Spa Day—If you really want to focus on taking care of yourself and your partner this Valentine’s Day, then you might want to consider a couple’s spa day. Before the guys start crowing and complaining, there are plenty of men who enjoy getting a pedicure. If that idea doesn’t fly, there are other options such as a couple’s massage. Imagine how stress-free you will be after getting an hour-long massage with your partner while in a calm and relaxing environment.
  • Get Crafty—Remember how you used to make a homemade gift for your parents for Valentine’s Day? Now you can do something together that lets you make something for your loved one. One of the biggest trends today is art studios that offer classes, usually with a nice glass of wine or two to loosen you up artistically. It started with painting classes, but now you can do everything from candle making to pottery throwing. And if you do take a pottery class together, you can always try to recreate that famous Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore pottery scene from Ghost.
  • Skeeball—I’m not sure if you ever had the joy of buying a stuffed animal with tickets from a skeeball game. Relive some of that this Valentine’s Day by heading out to an adult arcade. (There are several chains out there nationally with Dave and Buster’s being one of the most popular.) Go out for a night of cheesy video games and skeeball and when the night is over, cash in your game tickets for a small Valentine’s present.
  • Go stargazing—Here’s another pop culture date idea—if you remember Ross and Rachel’s first big date on Friends, he took her to the planetarium at the museum. If you live close to a planetarium, go for a stargazing date. Many planetariums also offer laser light shows set to music which can be a mini-rock concert with some of the most beautiful images in outer space.

This year, you don’t have to do the same old thing for Valentine’s Day. With a little bit of creativity, you can make this year not just romantic but also fun.

Moms & Self-Care: Taking Care of You This Month

Being a mom often means putting everyone else’s comfort and happiness ahead of your own. We’re always taking care of others even when we’re sick, missing out on opportunities because we can’t work it into the family calendar. In general, we run ourselves down when we don’t make time to stop and take a breather.

For February, I’d like to challenge all the moms out there to spend some time committing acts of self-care.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or grand. But here are some ways that you can do a little something for yourself and make February all about self-care.

  1. Get out of the house—At least once this month, you should find a sitter (or enlist your significant other to help out) and go out and do something that you like to do. Hang out with your best friends at the coffee shop and get caught up, with the condition that there is to be no “kid talk.” (You don’t want to just spend the time rehashing doctor’s appointments and report cards.)

If that isn’t your thing, just find a quiet corner of a park or library to curl up with a good book. But make sure that you go somewhere that you can be alone and uninterrupted by a hundred other demands.

  1. Change something—You will be amazed at how a new outfit or a different hairdo can make you feel like a new woman. Take part in some retail therapy and treat yourself to some new clothes or head down to the salon and get your trusted stylist to recommend something new. While you’re there, treat yourself to a full range of relaxation with a mani/pedi and a massage, if possible.
  2. Unleash your artistic side—Head out to your local art studio and get creative. Many of these now feature “Mom’s Night Out” type events and many of them also feature wine while you paint. (Score!) Just let yourself spend a few hours doing something relaxing without having your children yell “Mom” to bring you out of your peaceful state of mind.

The New Year has barely begun and many of us are already feeling like we need a recharge. Spend some time this month doing just that with some special moments of self-care. If you get into the habit of spending some time on yourself, then hopefully you can continue this trend throughout the year and save yourself from a serious case of burnout later on.