Month: February 2021

Bringing Simplicity Back with Japandi Design

When it comes to home decoration, the rise of IKEA has also lead to the popularity of classic and simple design concepts that come from Scandinavia. If you pay attention to interior design trends, the Japanese have a pretty classic and simple style as well. What happens when you combine these minimalist designs together? You get Japandi – a design trend that seems to be growing in popularity right now.

What are the elements of Japandi design?

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Avoiding Home Buyer Red Flags When Selling

Even the best staging can’t hide everything when it comes to the home selling process. If you are looking to sell your home this year, here are some things that potential buyers are looking for (and hoping to avoid) that could impact whether or not they start the contract process for your home.

Here are our best tips for avoiding some of the ‘red flags’ that may turn off a potential buyer.

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Self Care for the Whole Family

We all know that self-care is important for our physical and mental health and that moms should be doing a lot more of it. Sometimes, it’s difficult to take that time for ourselves.

While most self-care activities are geared towards moms, learning to care for yourself is important for everyone. To assist you in your self-care efforts, invite the whole family to enjoy these activities together. This investment of time and energy will pay off in spades as you are not only starting your own self-care practice but encouraging your loved ones to participate as well.

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Home

This Valentine’s Day will look different than the usual chocolates, flowers, and reservations. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it! Whether you are part of a couple, celebrating with friends, or rolling solo there are still ways to make this holiday work for you – even from home.

Not loving the idea of a crowded restaurant on February 14th? Here are some ways to make Valentine’s day special at home instead.

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