Best Advice to Increase Your Summer Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your home will make everyone who sees it want to see what’s inside. This is ideal for increasing your home’s value, especially if you are considering selling your home in the near future.

There are countless ways to make the front of your house look good that you can complete in as little as a couple of hours. Let’s dive in!

House Numbers & Mailbox

Updating your house numbers and mailbox is an easy, simple, and effective way to increase your curb appeal without hardly any effort at all. is a great website to explore custom house number and mailbox options available to you.

Welcome Mat

You can have a boring welcome mat or you can really get creative and purchase some fun and unique. Your welcome mat makes a great first impression for guests and potential homebuyers alike.

The Front Door

It is your front door that welcomes guests into your home. You can use it to set the tone and welcome people into your space. There is no denying what a difference a door can make. Your front door makes a statement!
You can instantly update your door hardware by swapping out your outdated hardware with something that complements your style if new doors are not within your budget right now.


Invest in some uplighting to make your home shine through the night if you want to take it a step further.

A Good Wash

Borrow someone’s pressure washer for an afternoon and really give the outside of your home a good cleaning. This easy task is a no-brainer for increasing curb appeal.

These are all ideas that can be done with little effort and in an afternoon. To give an extraordinary curb view, consider calling a landscaping company to help you get the yard in tip-top shape as well.


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