Choosing the Right Dining Room Furniture

Designing the ideal dining room will be different for every homeowner. Not only does the owner need to factor in space constraints, not every family uses their dining room in the same way. 

The first thing you must do before picking out your dining room furniture is to consider what the use of that space will be for you and your family. Some folks like to host dinner parties, others have large family gatherings, and some parents use the dining room as a schooling hub. 

Once you have an idea of how your dining space will be used, it’s time to do some measurements. You may love the idea of a large dining room table but simply don’t have the space in your home to accommodate one. 

How large can you go? Will you want a leaf or extension so your table size is adjustable?

Have you factored in enough clearance around the dining room set so that people can maneuver around it in the space? You’ll want a good three feet of space on all sides to keep from prohibiting movement in the space. 

If it’s just you and a partner, you can get away with a smaller table. Round tables work well in small spaces. They also work well with small children as a round table doesn’t have dangerous edges or corners. 

Do you want it to stand the test of time? Regardless of the shape, you’ll want to select a dining room set that is sturdy, reliable, and made well. Dining furniture can last a long time if you pick the right set and make it a priority to care for it. Understand your materials and be deliberate in your choices. 

Also, be sure to check the connection points (where the legs meet the table) to ensure they are sturdy. Some of the more affordable tables are patched together with little more than staples and glue!

It used to be that homeowners would buy their tables and chairs as set, but that is no longer the standard. Feel free to shop around for chairs that suit you and your space. (Bonus tip: Buy a few extra chairs that you can store and bring out on special occasions that require more seating)

With some planning and intention, you’ll have the dining room of your dreams in no time!


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