Curbside Celebrations for Those in Denver

Curbside Celebrations for Those in Denver

While everyone is in lockdown thanks to the current pandemic, it is important to remember that major life events are still going on. And it goes without saying that you should still spend the time to celebrate these events.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or some other milestone, COVID-19 shouldn’t completely take away your ability to celebrate. It just means that you need to change HOW you celebrate the event.

Here are a few ideas for curbside (or online) celebrations for those of you in Denver:

  1. Let them eat cake — There are lots of different bakeries in Denver that are having to adjust the way they do business. Some of these bakeries are offering curbside pick-up for their cakes while others are doing home deliveries. Regardless of which method you use, these bakeries have unique creations that will pick up any celebration. Some of our favorites include:


  • Mermaids Bakery – This local bakery has a lot of creative creations, but our absolute favorite is their cake made to look like the hottest commodity during the pandemic—a roll of toilet paper. This may sound bizarre, but the artistry is incredible and makes for a unique cake. Of course, they also have traditional birthday cakes as well.


  • El Antojo Denver – Another unique cake shop offering curbside pickup is Cakes El Antojo. This one has also made some great lockdown themed birthday cakes including one that is made to look like a case of Clorox wipes.


  1. Schedule a parade (or have an online party) — Another popular activity that you can do to help celebrate birthdays and special events is a curbside party. Simply have people load into their cars with signs and balloons showing their love for the person being celebrated and then drive by their home at a designated time. These “drive-by” parties may not be for everyone, so another alternative is an online party. You can have party boxes and favors delivered to your guests and invite everyone to check in on Zoom for an online gathering to get you out of the lockdown doldrums.


  1. Have a drink — Just because you’re on lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with adult libations. For such events, you can get alcoholic beverages delivered to your home or schedule them for curbside pickup and take them back to celebrate. Many breweries in the area are not offering to-go options for their specialty beers. Or, you can get a growler of local beer from Craft Alley and have it delivered to your home so you can celebrate with a cold one.

Just because we are on lockdown doesn’t mean that we have to give up on all of the activities that we enjoy. Birthdays and anniversaries only come around once a year, so it’s important to get creative and keep celebrating.


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