Exploring Denver’s Art Scene with Your Kids

Denver, Colorado, known for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor adventures, also boasts a vibrant art scene that offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences for families. Engaging children with art not only sparks creativity but also cultivates an appreciation for diverse expressions and ideas.

Here’s how you can explore Denver’s art scene with your kids, making art both fun and educational.

Start with the Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is a treasure trove of artistic wonders, with collections ranging from Indigenous artworks to contemporary pieces. The museum is particularly welcoming to families, offering interactive exhibits like the Just for Fun Family Center where kids can engage in hands-on activities. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Creative Hub, where families can create art together inspired by the museum’s collections.

Discover the Magic of Street Art in RiNo

The River North Art District, known as RiNo, is an explosion of color and creativity, featuring some of the city’s best street art. Take a leisurely walk with your kids through this open-air gallery, where murals transform ordinary buildings into extraordinary canvases. Discuss the different styles and themes you see, and maybe even bring sketchbooks for your kids to create their own street art-inspired drawings.

Get Hands-On at the Children’s Museum of Denver

At the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, art comes to life through interactive experiences designed just for kids. The Art Studio inside the museum is a space where children can delve into projects using a variety of materials, guided by expert art educators. It’s a fantastic way to let your children’s creativity run wild while learning new techniques.

Attend a Family Workshop at the Clyfford Still Museum

The Clyfford Still Museum, dedicated to the work of the Abstract Expressionist Clyfford Still, offers family workshops that invite children and adults to explore their artistic sides together. These workshops are designed around themes from Still’s art, providing a unique opportunity to dive deep into abstract art in a way that’s accessible and engaging for kids.

Explore Art at Denver Botanic Gardens

Art and nature intersect beautifully at the Denver Botanic Gardens, where you can find stunning sculptures nestled among the flora. The Gardens’ art exhibitions change seasonally, offering families new experiences with each visit. It’s a serene setting to talk with your kids about how art can mimic, complement, or contrast with the natural world.

Join the First Friday Art Walks

Denver’s First Friday Art Walks in neighborhoods like Santa Fe Drive, Tennyson Street, and RiNo offer a lively introduction to the local art community. Galleries and studios open their doors to the public, many with special activities for kids. It’s a festive atmosphere that can make art feel accessible and exciting for young ones.

Encourage Their Artistic Journey at Home

Inspired by Denver’s art scene? Create a dedicated art space at home where your kids can express themselves. Whether it’s a corner of a room with art supplies ready or a small gallery wall to display their creations, encouraging art at home reinforces the value of creativity and imagination.

Exploring Denver’s art scene with your kids is more than just an educational experience; it’s an adventure into creativity, expression, and cultural appreciation. By engaging with the diverse artistic offerings across the city, you’re not just making memories—you’re inspiring the next generation of artists, thinkers, and dreamers. So grab your sketchbooks and explore the Mile High City’s art scene, where every corner holds a new discovery for you and your little ones.


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