Holiday Activity Calendar for Families Seeking More Christmas Spirit

Nobody wants to be the Ebenezer Scrooge in their family yelling “Bah Humbug!” at the thought of Christmas. But with all of the stress of the holidays, it’s easy to find yourself falling out of the Christmas spirit.

Whether you have little ones who still believe in Santa, or you’re older and feel too “grown up” for Christmas, here are activities for you and your family that can put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart:

  1. Advent Calendars — Some of us fondly remember the advent calendars of our youth that counted down until Christmas. Each day, you would open a window on the calendar and get a piece of chocolate. (Always a plus!)


As a family, create your own advent calendar. Tape the “presents” to each day on a regular calendar. (This is great because you can choose your own candy.) If you want to excite the older kids (or yourself), advent calendars have moved beyond the norm.


Try one of these variations:


  • Funko Pops — These collectible vinyl figures are super cool and can make for a great holiday tradition.
  • Legos — These super-cool calendars feature mini-figures each day in a variety of themes. Just don’t leave them on the floor to step on them.
  • Wine — This one is definitely for the adults! But check out a sampling of wines each day to make you warm and festive.


  1. Santa — You’re never too old for Santa. This year, take part in some kind of activity that features the jolly fat man. Start by writing a letter to Santa thanking him for last year’s gifts and dreaming of what you really want this year. Then, make a trip to the local mall and have pictures with Santa.


Yes, it’s still perfectly acceptable to do this even without kids! If your pets are like family, take them as well to the local pet store for their own set of pictures. Finally, spend a day or two before Christmas baking special cookies for Santa and then leave them out on Christmas Eve. Just make sure they are your favorite types so you can enjoy them when the kids go to sleep.


  1. Tacky Light Tour — Some families have turned their homes into the Griswold house from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Round up the family in your mini-van, throw in some blankets and hot chocolate, and drive around watching the Christmas lights. Just don’t forget your camera and a sampling of Christmas music for the trip.


  1. Movie Marathon — Christmas is the best holiday when it comes to movies that warm the heart. Introduce your little ones to classic Christmas movies like the original Christmas Carol or Miracle on 34th Street.


Of course, It’s a Wonderful Life is also a perennial favorite. After the kids go to bed, check out non-traditional Christmas movies with Die Hard or Love Actually.

Make a late resolution this year to do something special for Christmas. It can be anything as long as it brings happiness, joy, and warmth to you and your family.


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