Hot Decorating Tips For Your Home This Winter

The holidays have passed but the temperatures are still dipping across the country and for many people snow has already declared the full arrival of winter. If you’re like me, you’ve put away the tree and holiday decorations; you may now be looking for something else to help spruce up your home for the season. If that’s the case, then look at these great decorating ideas for winter. These are guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy all season long.


Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Take down the red and green holiday garland and replace it with a wreath featuring pinecones and simple greens. If you want a little splash of something special, consider white flowers that are reminiscent of the snow piling up outside.

DIY Wooden Sign

It’s easy to create your own decorating style with a homemade wooden sign. Just get a reclaimed piece of wood with some paints and stencils and let your imagination go to town. Including an uplifting personal message or inspiration will help warm your heart this winter.

Sweater Pillows 

If you’ve had a bunch of old sweaters lying around that don’t fit anymore, there’s a great way to reuse them to decorate your home. By cutting the sweater material into pillows and then stuffing them, you can have decorative throw pillows for your sofa or bed that will be soft and comfy.

Faux Fur Blankets

One way to dress up your home in the winter and keep yourself warm at the same time is with faux fur blankets. These will add a nice country feel to your home and provide a lot more insulation than a blanket or afghan.

Coffee and Hot Chocolate Nook

If you have a little corner of your kitchen that you can use, create a nook for serving coffee, hot chocolate, or even hot cider. Be sure to include a Keurig or similar coffee maker with plenty of pods/cups to make your hot beverages.

Also stock up on all the accouterments, such as creamer, sugar, and mini-marshmallows for the cocoa. Finally, you can spruce this area up with a rustic sign for coffee or cocoa. This will go a long way to warm you up on cold winter mornings.

Winter Sporting Goods

If you live somewhere that winter sports are played—skiing, skating, hockey, sledding—then you can take some of the old sporting goods and use these for displays either in your home or on the front porch.

The winter is a great time to spruce things up and add some decorative touches to your home. By “bringing the outdoors in” this winter, you can provide a rustic look that will warm your heart and home.



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