Household Projects Perfect for January

As a homeowner, each season brings its own list of home maintenance tasks that need to be completed, and January is no exception. Even though it’s dark and cold (and often snowy) outside, that doesn’t mean you are off the hook when it comes to keeping up with your home.

Here are some suggestions for tasks you could complete this month to keep your home in top shape:

Check Your Batteries

Go through your home and check the batteries and test all the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in optimal condition and that you can depend on them in an emergency.

Clean the Coat Closet

Whether you have a mudroom or a simple closet, take some time to organize the space. Get rid of anything that no longer fits, doesn’t have a match, or is in poor condition. Make sure your weather gear is easily accessible and you have what you need to brave the winter weather.

Tackle that Junk Drawer

We all have one. The drawer where all the miscellaneous knick knacks and gadgets go can easily get out of hand if it’s not organized regularly.

Make Things Cozy

Pull out those fuzzy blankets, candles, and teapots! Go around your home and figure out how to make each room cozy and comfortable since you’ll be spending more time indoors this time of year.

Protection from Water

If you want to protect your home from potential water damage, make sure you know where your water shut off valve is (just in case). Are those gutters clean? They are designed to send any possible water or snow runoff into an appropriate spot which could be problematic if they overflow into other areas.

This should give you plenty of projects to tackle this month to stay on top of the place you call home.


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