How Moms Can Celebrate “Be On Purpose Month”

As the New Year begins to unfold, many of us have put our resolutions into action because we are looking for a change in our lives. It seems as if January is that one month of the year when major changes are not only accepted but sought after.

We want to use this time to make our lives better and that’s where “Be On Purpose Month” comes in. There are several ways that you can celebrate this time of reaffirming your goal of finding your life’s purpose and how to achieve it.

Here are just a few ways that busy moms can celebrate this time and find their purpose.

  1. Journaling—One way to truly affirm your purpose and to reflect on your own life is by writing it down. Sure, if you’re a mom, you’re probably wondering when you could possibly find time to do that. But here’s something to try: after the kids have been put to bed and your daily work is done, just set five minutes aside to write about your day. This could be a summary of what has happened, but it should really try to focus on the positive things in your life, especially with an affirmation about how you will work towards your purpose the next day and the next.
  2. Determine Your Motivation—It isn’t enough to want a change. Instead, you must determine why you are trying to change. Finding your motivation isn’t just for actors. It’s for everybody. If you want to lose weight, one of the first things you would want to know is why you’re doing it. Do you really need to lose weight? Is it because you are starting to have health problems from obesity? Are you motivated to do this because you want to be healthier for your children? These are the questions that, when answered, will help make your goal more attainable. And it goes to the heart of any major change that you want to make in your life.
  3. No More Excuses—Another thing holding you back from finding your purpose is that so many of us make excuses. We say, “We would if we had the time,” or, “If we didn’t have so much work to do;” you know these excuses. But you should realize that lots of people have similar workloads and somehow accomplish their goals. If they can find the time, then so can you. And that also takes this into another area—you have a support network all around you if you know how to tap into it. All of us have other people who are searching for their purpose as well. They can help to give you the backing that you need in this endeavor.

This January, don’t just make a resolution that you will forget about in two weeks. Instead, begin a course of legitimate soul-searching and find your purpose in this life.




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