How to Encourage Your Family to Unplug

The average person checks his or her phone more than 80 times a day. And many people feel like they spend too much time on their phones. This can be a problem because it wastes time and can also cause anxiety.

If you’re an adult, you can choose to unplug for a few hours to practice self-care — but what about your kids? How do you encourage them to unplug?

Set an Example

Set an example for your kids by unplugging yourself and letting them see you doing other things instead of being on your phone, tablet or computer all the time.

Get Outdoors

Go for a walk or ride bikes (or scooters) or play ball in the park with the kids. Do it regularly and make it part of your daily routine so they get used to spending time outdoors without electronic devices in hand and learn how much fun it can be without being plugged in all the time.

Let Them Be Bored

Creativity and innovation happen when people are bored, when they have downtime, and when they are not distracted. Boredom is not a bad thing.

Set Boundaries

I suggest setting times during the day where we all unplug. At my house, we have a “no electronics at the dinner table” rule and at bedtime everyone plugs in their phone and leaves it in the living room. You can also set up a basket in the living room where everyone puts their phone when they get home from work/school. The goal is to teach moderation and healthy boundary setting.

Another idea for a healthy boundary is to set up a charging station in one room of the home (like the kitchen) where all devices can be plugged in and charged together.

It may seem difficult for kids, who don’t have the decision-making responsibility that adults do, to be convinced to stop using their devices. But it is possible! Once they understand the benefits of unplugging, they’ll be on board.


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