How to Tell if Your Deck is Safe

How to Tell if Your Deck is Safe

Did you know that your deck has a life expectancy of around 10-15 years? For anyone with an older home or an older deck, this information is essential to prevent possible injuries. 

In fact, the numbers show that injuries because of a collapsed deck have been increasing over time. In 2008, in the U.S.There were 30 reported deaths as a result of a deck collapse or rail failure.

How can you tell if your deck is safe for your family and friends?


Check the deck area for the fasteners and connectors. Are they rusted? Are they secure? Loose nails, bolts, or screws are a good indication that some deck maintenance is on the agenda.

Wood Quality

Over time, the integrity of the wood used to build your deck may become compromised. We’ve gotten wiser over time and newer decks are treated with a chemical to keep bugs out of the wood, but older decks do not have this finish. This is especially true for any deck older than 30 years. Our decks are designed to last that long without updates or improvements. If your deck isn’t as sturdy as it was, or there is any unusual movement happening, it’s time to replace the structure or shore it up. 

Also, rotted wood can grow mold and mildew which can be damaging to our lungs when inhaled over time.

The Obvious

If you notice any large cracks in the surface, strange sounds during use, or any shifting or creaking that sounds out of place, it’s time to call in an expert to examine your deck. 

You really should schedule a deck inspection every few years to ensure your favorite outdoor hangout is in good condition and poses no danger to any of your loved ones.



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