Introducing Cottage Core… the New Home Decor Trend

Home decor trends are the popular styles, colors, patterns, and materials that are currently in vogue for decorating homes. These trends can change over time and are often influenced by a variety of factors, including fashion, art, technology, and cultural shifts.

The right decor can make a big difference in how cozy and comfortable your home feels. Cottage core is all about creating a cozy and charming atmosphere in your home that feels like a countryside cottage. Think pastel colors, floral patterns, vintage decor, and lots of natural materials like wood and wicker.

One of the great things about this trend is that it’s very DIY-friendly. You can easily thrift or upcycle old furniture and decor items to give them a charming cottage vibe. And there are plenty of tutorials online for making your own embroidery hoop art, macrame plant hangers, and other cute and crafty items that fit the aesthetic.

Some key elements of cottage core decor include:

  • Floral patterns: Whether it’s on wallpaper, curtains, or throw pillows, floral patterns are a must-have for this style.
  • Vintage items: Anything with a bit of history or character fits in well with cottage core. Think vintage mirrors, lace doilies, and embroidered tablecloths.
  • Natural materials: Wood, wicker, and other natural materials give a rustic, outdoorsy feel to your home.
  • Soft lighting: Rather than harsh overhead lights, cottage core decor favors soft and warm lighting, like string lights, table lamps, and candles.

Overall, cottage core is a warm and welcoming trend that’s perfect for anyone who wants to create a cozy and inviting home. It’s all about embracing a simpler, more rustic way of life and finding joy in the little things. So why not give it a try and see if it’s the right vibe for you?


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