Picking the Right Rug for Your Home

It seems to be a cliché of interior design—the right area rug can actually tie a whole room together and allow you to complete the room in a way you couldn’t before.

In many ways, this is totally true. What is worse is that the wrong type of rug can have the opposite effect and totally destroy any sense of unity or flow. This is why it is so important to take your time and find the area rug that is right for you.

You need to look at four areas when you’re picking out the right rug:

  1. First, you want to find the right size for your area rug. Too many people try to buy area rugs that take up most, if not all, of the room. This isn’t the right idea. It’s not for carpeting after all; it’s an accent and cover for the carpet. Instead, measure out the seating area for the room. In a living room or den, it may not be convenient to place all of the furniture completely on the rug. But the coffee table should be able to fit squarely in the center and the surrounding couches and chairs should have their front legs resting on the rug.


  1. Next, think about the shape that will best compliment your environment. If your room or the sitting area is square, then you can choose a square rug. But also consider a round one that can offset the room perfectly. If the sitting area is more rectangular, then choose a rectangular rug. (A square or circular one here will look off-kilter.) If you get a rectangular rug, make sure that you place it in the same direction as the flow of the room.


  1. Once you have the right size and shape, you will want to look at the texture of your rug. If you have a consistent texture style for all of your furniture, you may wish to pick something complimentary as your rug texture. If you have leather furniture, for example, it will look great with a fluffy area rug that it can kind of sink into. However, keep in mind that such a rug might be a tripping hazard for the elderly and little kids. Pick the texture that is right for you and don’t feel like you have to go with the basic wool that you see with most rugs.


  1. Finally, let’s talk color. If your furniture and décor are neutral or earth tones, you may want a rug that provides a pop of color. By contrast, bright furniture works well with neutral colored rugs. You don’t want a rug that just blends in with the carpeting and furniture. Instead, you want something that stands out distinctly.

Today, area rugs can actually be a big investment of money. They may not cost as much as full carpeting, but they aren’t cheap. Because of this, you should look to buy a rug that truly fits your room and your style so that you can create the area that you love.


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