Planning Your Family’s Summer Vacation

Whether your kids are in school for the summer or not, it’s never too early to start planning their next vacation. As the day heats up, there are more adventures to be planned and a whole host of fun ways to keep your family active and entertained while on vacation.

It doesn’t matter where you’re going – heading off on a camping trip with no cell phone service is just as great as staying by the poolside at your favorite resort – take a look at these 10 ideas to inspire you to plan that amazing summer vacation for your family.

The Beach

Everybody deserves an amazing beach vacation, the kids need to get away from the bombardment of technology, the adults need to relax and recharge. If your family loves the water, it’s time to plan that family beach trip. There are so many beaches to choose from but if you are on a budget, avoid the most tourist-y options. Look for coastal opportunities you haven’t heard of before. If you want warm water options, the Atlantic coast is the way to go but the Pacific coast has some beautiful views and great waves.

Road Trip

Road trips are always a memorable family experience. It is the perfect way to discover new places and activities, meet new people, bond with your family and create memories that will last forever.

Theme Park 

Whether it’s the world of Disney or something smaller, like Knott’s Berry Farm or King’s Island, a family can have a great time planning their summer vacation around a theme park they’ve never visited before. There are many great water park options all over the country as well. If you can’t afford the big ticket parks, look for some more affordable options. Just about every state has one or more to choose from.

Big City

New York? Los Angeles? Atlanta? Seattle? There are many adventures awaiting those who love to explore the country’s urban landscapes. To save money, rent a car and look for lodging that’s just outside the city.

The Mountains

Many people have vacationed in a warm beach location. Others have ventured deep into the jungles of an unknown country. But, have you ever considered planning a mountain trip? This can be the perfect family vacation. If you’re looking for a fun, outdoorsy and adventurous family vacation — one that will last longer than a few hours — look no further than some beautiful, majestic peaks. The tall peaks, fresh air, and tour-worthy attractions is what makes it the best choice if you want to create vacation memories your family will never forget.

Lake House

Did you know that there are over 129,000 lakes in Minnesota? There are certainly more than that because 185 of them have more than 100 islands. And that is just in one state. The options are unlimited when you decide to retreat to a lake home with your family for summer break. Being on the water is nice but many lakes are also quiet spots to relax and recharge.

Get on a Boat

Cruises offer families a wonderful destination without any of the hassle of driving or flying. You get to see many different kinds of environments, meet new people and enjoy vacation together as a family.

Concerns about the open sea? Consider a riverboat cruise instead!


Going on any type of vacation is fun, but there’s something about camping that makes you feel like a kid again. It triggers fond memories from childhood activities like camping with the scouts, or camping in the backyard with those pesky mosquitos. This is especially true if your kids have never gone camping before!

State Parks

You might be surprised to learn that there are even more than 30 state parks in Washington. It’s no surprise that the 42 state parks in the Pennsylvania system draw in plenty of visitors, but would you believe there are 60 state parks throughout Michigan or 41 in Wisconsin? There is no shortage of options for your family to explore during a state park vacation. Consider spending your vacation by the water or in the mountains at a state park. It’s an experience that will create memories your entire family can cherish.


Many families have spent their last vacation day splashing in the pool or beach before school or work rears its ugly head again. Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring, however. Family experts recommend planning a staycation this summer, which will help bring your family closer together while saving you some cash.

Looking for a way to keep the entire family happy while also getting away from it all? Plan a trip! When you’re away on vacation, whether you’re camping under the stars or staying at your favorite resort, you get to spend time together having fun as a family.



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