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Great Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It may be a Valentine’s Day cliché, but I’m guessing there aren’t many of us ladies who don’t love an entire holiday built around chocolate and roses, right? But the holiday can also create a bit of stress, especially on guys, to make sure they get all the “details” right.

We all know about the overpriced candlelight dinners that are supposed to be the epitome of romance. But that isn’t the only type of Valentine’s Day date that you can have. Here are some options that can be just as romantic and fun as anything else you may have done before:

  • Couple’s Spa Day—If you really want to focus on taking care of yourself and your partner this Valentine’s Day, then you might want to consider a couple’s spa day. Before the guys start crowing and complaining, there are plenty of men who enjoy getting a pedicure. If that idea doesn’t fly, there are other options such as a couple’s massage. Imagine how stress-free you will be after getting an hour-long massage with your partner while in a calm and relaxing environment.
  • Get Crafty—Remember how you used to make a homemade gift for your parents for Valentine’s Day? Now you can do something together that lets you make something for your loved one. One of the biggest trends today is art studios that offer classes, usually with a nice glass of wine or two to loosen you up artistically. It started with painting classes, but now you can do everything from candle making to pottery throwing. And if you do take a pottery class together, you can always try to recreate that famous Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore pottery scene from Ghost.
  • Skeeball—I’m not sure if you ever had the joy of buying a stuffed animal with tickets from a skeeball game. Relive some of that this Valentine’s Day by heading out to an adult arcade. (There are several chains out there nationally with Dave and Buster’s being one of the most popular.) Go out for a night of cheesy video games and skeeball and when the night is over, cash in your game tickets for a small Valentine’s present.
  • Go stargazing—Here’s another pop culture date idea—if you remember Ross and Rachel’s first big date on Friends, he took her to the planetarium at the museum. If you live close to a planetarium, go for a stargazing date. Many planetariums also offer laser light shows set to music which can be a mini-rock concert with some of the most beautiful images in outer space.

This year, you don’t have to do the same old thing for Valentine’s Day. With a little bit of creativity, you can make this year not just romantic but also fun.