The Summer Care Guide for Your Lawn

Part of becoming a homeowner usually means that you are purchasing a lawn that needs regular care. Not all new homeowners are equipped with the knowledge it takes to care for their grass. For all our first-time homebuyers or new lawn caretakers, here is our best advice for caring for your lawn this summer.

Mower Use & Care

As the season for mowing your lawn approaches, take time to sharpen your mower blade. A dull blade can create ragged edges and damage your grass. Brown grass is an opening for organisms and disease. A good, sharp blade will last for about ten hours of mowing. (Tip: Have a second, sharp blade handy to switch out when needed.)

Also, the height of your mower impacts more than just appearance. It’s tempting to cut that grass all the way down but taller grass is actually better for the soil and for water absorption. Want fewer pesky weeds? Adjust your mower a bit higher and let your grass shade itself a bit.

Water Schedule

In my state of Colorado, water shortages and conservation efforts mean that the times and amount of water we can use for our lawn is limited. So, it’s smart to have a plan to maximize your water efforts (no matter where you live). Check your local authorities for any rules or guidelines first and then determine just how much water your lawn needs to thrive. This will change depending on your region, soil type, water absorption potential, and how deeply the water penetrates the soil. This will take some research.

Other watering tips include:

  • Invest in a good sprinkler system. An outdated or damaged system contributes to both waste and poor lawn maintenance.
  • Make certain that most of the water is actually hitting the lawn. (No one needs to water the sidewalk.)
  • Use a smart timer and consider watering early in the morning, since water absorption works best when the sun isn’t working against you by evaporating the water quickly.


The health of your grass depends on many factors. If you want to ensure a healthy lawn, be certain to pick up after your pets, avoid damaging the grass by placing large objects or by parking on it, and regularly pull weeds and pick up litter. Throwing a blanket on top of your lawn during the hottest hour of the day can be enough to damage the grass underneath. 

Also, try grasscycling this summer. This means leaving the grass clippings on the lawn instead of collecting them and tossing them out. This adds nitrogen to the dirt, holds in moisture, and actually prevents thatch growth.  


Ask a few professionals what bugs and grubs thrive in your area and treat your grass accordingly. Some insects will lay bugs on your lawn during the summer and it’s important to know what you are dealing with so you can use the right approach for discouraging bugs to migrate elsewhere.

If you are a new homeowner with dreams of a beautiful and amazing lawn, these tips will help you achieve those dreams this year. 


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