Tips for Growing Rose Bushes in Colorado

Gardening in Colorado has its challenges. Mainly, the lack of moisture during the warmer months of the year. However, if you’ve dreamed of growing your own rose bushes and live in Colorful Colorado, you’re in luck. You can absolutely grow a thriving rose garden in your own yard.

Here are some tips before you begin:

Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine

Regardless of the variety of roses, you’d like to grow, these plants need plenty of sunshine. Roses a daily dose of sunshine for at least six hours a day. If you plant in a shady area instead, your flowers will be smaller and fewer. Hearty roses will be able to fend off disease and insects as well. 

Know Your Roses

Some types of roses are tougher than others. Certain strains can handle challenging conditions while others require a more delicate approach. Do research on the roses you plan to purchase or what you’ve already bought before you put them in the ground. This investment in time and knowledge upfront will give you a better chance of rose bush success.

Acclimating Your Flowers

If you chose to purchase your roses from a nursery instead of planting them from seed, consider acclimating them before you plant. What this entails is hardening your plant for a week before you put them in the soil. Expose your roses to the elements slowly. First, leave them indoors, save from sun and wind, for a few days and then leave them outdoors for a couple of days as well. This will ease the transition for your roses and give them a better chance for success.


Here’s the hard part. Take a deep breath, grab those shears, and do a hard pruning. We know the plant is already beautiful but if you want it to grow you’ll have to cut back at least half of the top growth after planting. This will cause your roses to direct their focus to the roots, which will make it a stronger, healthier rose bush. 

What Else?

The next step is to really water those roses. Deep watering is an insurance plan for your rose project. They will need up to 3” of water weekly. If you place a gardening trowel in the soil beneath your bush, it’ll be easier to check the depth of the water to make sure you are getting enough moisture into the dirt. 

There are, of course, many more tips to ensure your first experience growing roses is a success. If you crave more information, go to a local nursery and ask the staff for advice. These individuals are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Check out to find more gardening resources, tips, and community for your new endeavor.


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