Top 10 Autumn Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

It may seem hard to believe, but autumn is right around the corner. For homeowners, this means that it’s time to do a little basic maintenance for your home before the weather dips.

Here’s your top 10 list of home maintenance tips for this fall:

  1. Store your lawn equipment — Store your lawnmower and put it away. Drain and turn off your sprinkler system, then store your water hoses. If you own a swimming pool, follow the procedures for shutting it down and covering it up for autumn and winter.


  1. Weatherproof your doors and windows — When you turn your heater on this fall and winter, you don’t want that hot air going out the window! Make sure you seal cracks in your doors and windows and consider adding weather-stripping to make it more energy efficient.


  1. Inspect your roof — Your summer, hopefully, was a dry one. That means it is the perfect time to inspect your roof before the harsh rains and snows of autumn and winter move in. Get up there, if you can, and look for any loose tiles. If you really want to get high-tech, use a drone to do the checking for you!


  1. Take care of your gutters — When you’re done inspecting the roof, keep your ladder handy to work on your gutters. Make sure they’re clear of all debris so the rainwater that is surely coming can flow freely through and not accumulate.


  1. Clear the trees and shrubberies — While you still have that ladder out, now is the perfect time to prune back the trees and bushes (or hire someone to do it for you). It’s a good idea to keep those branches away from the home in the event of storms.


  1. Make exterior repairs — While you’re checking out your exterior, walk around looking for anything that might need repairs. A broken window screen, a crack in the sidewalk, or a loose deck plank can be handled now.


  1. Service the heater — Just like you get your AC serviced in the summertime, now is when you should get the heater/furnace checked out. You don’t want the temperature to suddenly drop without having a working heating system.


  1. Don’t forget the chimney — If your house (or parts of it) is heated by a fireplace, have the chimney professionally cleaned and maintained so that you don’t have any problems when you go to use it.


  1. Check your safety devices — Now is the time to change out the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


  1. Stock up on supplies — If you live where the fall months change quickly to snowy winter weather, it’s a good idea to stock up on supplies. Get the quilts and heavy blankets out of storage. Logs (for the fireplace) should be stockpiled. Also, if you don’t already have one, get an emergency kit and portable fire extinguisher for your home, just in case.


While the weather is still warm and agreeable, it’s a good idea to knock out some of these maintenance tips. That way, you can enjoy your autumn and prepare for the holidays!


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