Top Parks for Families in Denver

Summer is upon us and if you are like me, you are dreading the prospect of being packed away in the house with kids whining about having “nothing to do.” I always like to have a backup plan on hand for a fun day activity that will let the kids run themselves ragged and get rid of all that crazy energy that they seem so full of.

Here are some of the top parks in Denver that you can take your family to this summer for a fun-filled day:

  1. Central Park (Stapleton)—I’ve got to put this one at the top of my list for the sheer joy of the place and the beautiful, vibrant colors. Central Park has purple trees and colorful foam mountains that serve as the backdrop for family fun. Alongside this creative décor, they also have activities for all kids including rock-climbing and traditional playground equipment. There is also a fountain and sandcastle area for those who miss getting to do this at the beach. Finally, you absolutely must check out the “sensory sound garden” that allows kids to experiment with chimes and drums.
  2. Westminster Center Park (Westminster)—One of my favorite children’s tales is Peter Pan, so it should come as no surprise that this one is highly recommended. Westminster Center Park is also affectionately called Peter Pan Park because it is built around creating a miniature Neverland for kids to explore. The park boasts playground equipment built around a pirate ship, as well as tunnels, rocks, logs, and bridges that will fire up their imagination.
  3. Discovery Park (Wheat Ridge)—This one gets high marks for the sheer variety of the activities at the park. Besides having traditional playgrounds for little kids and older ones as well, you can also enjoy sandcastle building in the sandpit and cool down at the splash pad. This one also sets itself apart from other parks by its natural beauty (a creek runs right through it) and the skate park which allows your adventurous older kids to enjoy themselves.
  4. Downtown Children’s Playground (Denver)—No list of parks could be complete without this perennial favorite. The only thing that might detract from this one is that it is too well-located. Because it is in the heart of downtown, it gets larger crowds, especially on the weekends or during major family events. But if you do find yourself in the area and want the kids to run off steam, this park not only has traditional playground features, but it also includes a rubberized cushioning that will protect the little ones if they take a tumble.

No matter what part of Denver you are in, check out the local parks and playgrounds in your area. Spend some time during the day or early evening running off that energy and your kids may even wear themselves out and sleep well that night.


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