Why Celebrating Halloween is Good for Your Kids

In some areas of the country, there is a debate about Halloween. This often-misunderstood holiday means different things to different people, and various age groups. The question we are answering today is whether or not Halloween is good for your children? 

For those who don’t understand history, they may have heard that Halloween is dark, evil, or connected to darkness. While the scarier aspects of Halloween do appeal to a variety of people, the roots of this holiday were actually focused on honoring our ancestors and preparing for the dark days of the winter season. It’s the end of the summer harvest and it’s time to focus on preparing for the quiet, solitary months of the colder season. 

So, Halloween is the time to celebrate one last time with your neighborhood or community before the cold days of winter are upon us!

In many ways, Halloween is one of the few U.S. holidays that doesn’t officially have a religious or political undertone. It’s simply a day to celebrate autumn, all things spooky, and to dress up and have fun! 

Here is our argument as to why celebrating Halloween is actually good for your kids.

Educational Opportunity

Halloween is the night of the year where even our shyest children are willing to get out and engage with other humans for the chance at some candy! Halloween can be an educational opportunity and a chance to learn how to interact with human beings we don’t know in a supervised and safe way. Not only are our children challenged to speak to strangers (under the careful watch of their families) but they also get great practice at navigating sidewalks and streets, learning how to get around their own neighborhood, and practicing being brave in the middle of all those spooky decorations.


Celebrating with Your Community

Whether it’s a trunk or treat at your local non-profit or church, or going trick or treating at your local mall or neighborhood, Halloween is the one holiday that encourages people to get out into their community and interact with their neighbors! Gone are the days of our kids playing with each other in the streets. Just about everything is digital anymore. However, this goes away on Halloween night! We get out into our community and celebrate with each other at least one night out of the year, teaching our children the importance of community.


Having Fun

Homework, sports, and errands are not all life was meant to be. One of the great things about the Halloween holiday is that the focus is on having fun! It’s a great opportunity to be child-like with your children and to encourage their imagination and spark play. It’s also a great holiday for promoting creativity and self-expression. Whether your child wants to be an astronaut or a famous celebrity, Halloween is the chance for them to dream up a costume and try out a new vision for themselves (even if it’s only for one night).

As with anything, the potential for having a safe and memorable Halloween rests solely on the support of the families of our young people. The more you engage with your child, and their love of this holiday, the more they will get in return. The memories made on October 31st will last long after your little ones are grown and they are worth their weight in gold.


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