Why Moms Should Take Time to Be Creative

If you spend any time on social media, you can often be in for a very humbling experience.

Many moms look at their peers on Facebook and Instagram and marvel at the creative work that they can accomplish while the rest of us are still trying to get a latte to jumpstart our mornings. But it doesn’t have to be that way, nor should it be that way.

March is International Ideas Month and March 8th is International Women’s Day. Let’s celebrate both of these events together with a look at why moms should take the time to be creative.

The need for inspiration—One of the difficulties of being a mom is that you often feel like you are stuck in a world of little kids with no time for yourself or adult conversations. (There’re only so many times you can sing “The Wheels on the Bus” before you snap!)

By expressing yourself creatively, you can get back in touch with a side of yourself that you may have thought went away when you gave birth. If you feel like your creativity has been pushed to the backburner, then spend a day reconnecting with your creative side. Visit a museum or take a walk alone in the park. Send the kids off with the grandparents and spend the day listening to old music or writing poetry. Whatever inspires you and moves you emotionally is a great choice.

Take a class—You may be delighted to discover that there are many resources in the community for expressing yourself. If you live in an area with a small community college, you may want to take a class in photography, art, creative writing, or even cooking. (Anyone who has watched an episode of Chopped can attest that food can be a great way to be creative.)

But you don’t have to set aside that much time for your creative side. Have a girls’ night out at your local “wine and art” shop in order to get together with others, have a glass or two of vino, and then paint something that you can take home and put on the wall.

Beat the baby blues—Postpartum depression is a very real thing that affects thousands of women each year. But one way to fight any type of depression is with creativity and expression. Even if it is nothing more than keeping a journal of your thoughts, you are enabling yourself to express your ideas. This can help keep you sane when the challenges of motherhood start crowding in.

This March, spend some time caring for yourself for a change and learn how to express your creative side. If you get in touch with this key area of your life, you will find your mood elevated and your home life much better.



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