Moms & Self-Care: Taking Care of You This Month

Being a mom often means putting everyone else’s comfort and happiness ahead of your own. We’re always taking care of others even when we’re sick, missing out on opportunities because we can’t work it into the family calendar. In general, we run ourselves down when we don’t make time to stop and take a breather.

For February, I’d like to challenge all the moms out there to spend some time committing acts of self-care.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or grand. But here are some ways that you can do a little something for yourself and make February all about self-care.

  1. Get out of the house—At least once this month, you should find a sitter (or enlist your significant other to help out) and go out and do something that you like to do. Hang out with your best friends at the coffee shop and get caught up, with the condition that there is to be no “kid talk.” (You don’t want to just spend the time rehashing doctor’s appointments and report cards.)

If that isn’t your thing, just find a quiet corner of a park or library to curl up with a good book. But make sure that you go somewhere that you can be alone and uninterrupted by a hundred other demands.

  1. Change something—You will be amazed at how a new outfit or a different hairdo can make you feel like a new woman. Take part in some retail therapy and treat yourself to some new clothes or head down to the salon and get your trusted stylist to recommend something new. While you’re there, treat yourself to a full range of relaxation with a mani/pedi and a massage, if possible.
  2. Unleash your artistic side—Head out to your local art studio and get creative. Many of these now feature “Mom’s Night Out” type events and many of them also feature wine while you paint. (Score!) Just let yourself spend a few hours doing something relaxing without having your children yell “Mom” to bring you out of your peaceful state of mind.

The New Year has barely begun and many of us are already feeling like we need a recharge. Spend some time this month doing just that with some special moments of self-care. If you get into the habit of spending some time on yourself, then hopefully you can continue this trend throughout the year and save yourself from a serious case of burnout later on.

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