Back to School Tips for Moms

As the summer edges towards closure, the sound of backpack zippers and pencil sharpeners begins to fill the air. We all know the routines of back to school shopping, teacher meet and greets, and updating parent forms. The focus is almost 100% on the children as they prep for the upcoming school year.

This annual transition is not just taxing on the kids, though. Here’s a shout out to all the mammas who are doing their best to both prepare their children but also ease this change from summer fun to school seriousness.

What are some ways to take care of yourself while juggling all the back to school requirements?


You are going to feel overwhelmed and overloaded. The checklists, the shopping trips, getting the children ready for the new schedule – all this on top of your regular schedule – there’s no way to not feel the stress and pressure. The good news always is that this period is temporary. Soon everyone will be back in their regular routines.

However, knowing that this period of time will take a physical toll on your body and your body – it’s imperative to be self-disciplined in self-care at this time. Eat healthy and don’t skip meals. Get to bed as soon as you can and allow your body to recoup with restful sleep. Don’t overdo it by saying yes to things that can be put off entirely, or at least until you kiddos are settled into school. While you are a supermom, you are still only human. Be kind to your body during this phase of parenting.


This is not the time to wing it. Be intentional and realistic about your routine, your schedule, your task list, and your ability to get it all done. This means adapting a mindset that understands you can get it all done but also gets that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start back to school tasks early. Resist the urge to procrastinate. Focus on the small wins and the checked off boxes on the to-do list. Give yourself regular mental pep talks because you’ve got this!


As our kids transition and become older, these milestones makes us feel ALL THE THINGS! Give yourself permission to pause and really enjoy this moment, the one you are in. Whether your child is staring kindergarten, middle school, or is a freshman, each of these moments is precious. Give yourself time to savor the experience and feel all the feelings. Take photos, commiserate with fellow parents, and build space into your schedule to slow down and remember that these moments only happen once and you get to enjoy them.

I’ve no doubt that you’ve got this, but remember that moms need care too. While much of the focus will be on getting your kids prepared for the big first day of school, don’t neglect your own needs and self care during this back to school season.



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