Ways to Make Trail Mix Fun

The healthy nature of trail mix, as well as its versatility, makes it a great snack. As our children head back to school, trail mix is not only a great option for camping and hiking – but is a great snack for the classroom as well.

Keep in mind, if you are making trail mix as a healthy school snack, to adhere to any nut guidelines that the school has as nut allergies are no joke.

However, there are plenty of fun ways to mix up some healthy and fun snacks for school lunches this year!

Lil’ Monkey Mix

One fun trail mix options includes combining banana and chocolate chips for the little monkey in all of us. Add whatever fun additions your children like such as shredded coconut, nuts, and dried tropical fruits.

S’Mores Mix

Summer may be behind us but we can keep the summer fun going with this S’Mores trail mix recipe. Chocolate chips, graham cracker pieces and marshmallows are all you need. This isn’t the most healthy trail mix option but it is definitely fun! Throw in some walnuts for protein.

Halloween Mix

Great for autumn this recipe throws together pretzels, fritos, sunflower seeds, raisins, M&Ms, Hot Tamales, and candy corn for some Halloween fun!

Rainbow Mix

If you had some Fruit Loops and colored marshmallows to your traditional trail mix recipe, you’ll get a Rainbow Trail Mix! By adding a little color and fun to your trail mix, this is one way to get your kid excited about eating raisins, pretzels, and popcorn as a snack.

There are SO many fun options that goes behind the traditional trail mix recipe to keep your kids fueled and ready to tackle the school day this year!


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