Best Weekend Projects for Homeowners

Now that fall is arriving and the temperatures are dropping, but not too cold, it’s a great opportunity to break out the tools and start working on some of those weekend projects. If you are the type of person who loves tinkering around the house when you have a little downtime, then you probably already know that these projects can be a kind of “Zen-like” activity that lets you relax while also doing something beneficial.

Here are some of the best weekend projects for homeowners to take on now that the sweltering heat has faded:

  1. Do some painting — If you’ve got the time and inclination, now is a great opportunity to get that touch-up painting done you’ve wanted to do all year. This doesn’t mean you have to devote a whole weekend to paint an entire room. Instead, you can do a bit of restoration painting by giving your front door a new coat (or even trying out a totally new color). If you have built-in shelving, try painting the interiors of the shelves a contrasting color to give it a nice visual pop.
  2. Lawn care maintenance — Now that the summer is over, it’s probably time to do some maintenance on your lawn equipment to make sure that it is ready to run when the spring rolls around again. This is the perfect opportunity to check the plugs and engine of your lawnmower and to sharpen its blades. Then, you can put it aside for now knowing you will have it ready when the grass starts growing again.
  3. Do some redecorating — Not all weekend projects are of the “handyman with tools” variety. You can also do simple redecorating of your home to give it a new look. Just reorganize a family room or moving around a few pieces of furniture can do wonders to rejuvenate the place. Also, consider replacing some of that tired artwork you’ve had up for years with something more personal that you make yourself.
  4. Install new shelves — Chances are there is a part of your room that needs more organization. It could be the garage, the pantry, the laundry room, or even your master closet. Regardless of where you need them, take a weekend to organize your home a little better with shelving units. These can help you keep everything in nice, neat rows without having to stack stuff up on the floor.
  5. Plant a garden — Just because its fall doesn’t mean you can’t do some gardening. Goldenrod, sumac, and sunflowers are just a few of the great flower options that will do well in a fall garden.

Weekend projects are a great way to not only keep your house looking great, but also to help keep you active. This fall, try out some of these weekend projects to help you relax with a little work.


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