Getting Organized This Year

New year, new you? Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the energies of the new year by getting organized. What better way to get a fresh start than by tidying up your home and office space? Here are some ideas that you can tackle to freshen up your work and living areas this year.

Bye Bye Junk Drawer

If there truly is a place for everything and everything goes in its place, how do we justify the infamous junk drawer? The truth is the items in that drawer either go somewhere else, can be organized in a new spot or don’t need to be kept at all. Marie Kondo anything in the junk drawer that’s been there for a while, ‘just in case.’ Clearly, you don’t need it. Release the junk and breath a little easier. Then, for whatever’s left, put it where it actually goes or create an organized area for it.

Tackling the Closet

One of the best ideas I’ve heard to date is to take all your clothes in the closet and turn the hangers around. Why do you ask? When you wear that item, hang it back up the normal way. In six months, really evaluate any of the hangers that are still backward. Those are clothing items you haven’t touched in half a year. Time to donate those to a better cause than collecting dust in your walk-in.

Go Digital with Your Papers

Instead of letting all those bills, letters, and misc. papers pile up on your desk and tables, scan them in either once you get them or put aside 30 mins once a week to scan all those papers. Convert them from space takers to digital files. You’ll still have all that important data without the visual eyesore. 

If the goal is less paper, opt into digital bills and statements instead. Instant scanning – saving you that extra step! If you keep getting magazines or catalogs that you aren’t reading, cancel the subscriptions. Take photos of papers that you only need for a short time – like announcements from you child’s school – and go ahead and recycle the physical copy. The less paper you have lying around, the better your space will look and feel.

Rearrange Your Space

One way to start anew this year is to take a look at your space and give it a makeover. Who doesn’t love a makeover? By simply rearranging your furniture, you can give your living or workspace new life. Feeling extra inspired? Consider a fresh coat of paint too. If you’re stuck for ideas, Pinterest is there for you. (Also, get rid of any items that you don’t love but are taking up space. A room feels more welcoming with less in it.)

These are just a few suggestions for sprucing up your office or home without breaking the bank. Taking the time to get organized now will reap benefits throughout the rest of the year. 



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