How to Mold Your Children Into Givers

So how do we make children into givers?It is up to you as a parent to instill kindness and sensitivity toward others and to teach your children skills that reflect generosity. It is vital that you make sure your kids develop an understanding for others, knowledge about what makes them happy, an emotional connection with giving, and the skills to give.

Here are some tips for creating thoughtful children:

Sharing is Caring

Try looking for simple ways to show your children how sharing helps others. For example, if you are going out to eat at a restaurant, let them see the waiter or waitress give you extra food they cannot use. (It happens more often than you think.) Even opening up your home to play dates and guests can be an important step toward teaching your children how to share with others. With your help, and by understanding what it means to give, your children will learn generosity—a trait that will stay with them for life.

Role Modeling

You can mold your children into givers. Ask them to help you when you pack up donations of clothes or household items and take them along when you deliver the items. Help a friend or family member move. If you already have a charitable organization in mind, children can ask for donations at their school or through sports or other activities they love to do.

Family charity becomes a priority when the entire family is involved. Introduce your children to giving at an early age. Explain that charitable acts are their responsibility as well, and involve all members of the family.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

Here are some things to remember if you want to teach your children to be givers: Make sure they understand that generosity is a personal choice—something they choose to do. When you see them being generous, point it out and praise them. Help them put into words the positive feelings they may have as they help others.

Children are natural givers. They have a strong desire to help others and share what they have. Although they may not always act on this desire, it’s there, just waiting to be encouraged.

Helping others feels good for everybody. That’s why it’s important that children learn how to give from a young age. When we fall into the habit of giving to others, life becomes more meaningful and we feel good, knowing that someone else is being helped or made happier in some way.


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